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We Will Get You Articles!

We Will Get You Articles!
Published on February 13, 2012

Here at find your net, we would like to think of our company as family. We value your input and we provide this input to the rest of our family members. This is why we came up with an idea of article sharing.

First, let's talk about articles and their importance.  As you may know, web works in the following way: you write something about something, search engines scan your website for valuable keywords, users search something online and they find your website. So in short, your only job is to write something about something that is related to what you offer. Easy enough?

If you said "yes", you may be one of the few people who love to blog, write, and describe every little thing in detail.  But if you said "no", we understand that you may be way too busy with other things to sit down and scribble stuff down - in either case, you are in luck.

Find Your Net hosts articles that could be beneficial for you. You can use them as you please and free of charge. Use them for your blog, to create an info page or profile. It's all free, and we continuously keep getting more articles for you to use.  How, you may ask?  Well, that's the other part.

If you are a Find Your Net client, you can share your articles with us. If the article is appropriate length and is approved by one of our moderators, you will be refunded $5 from your monthly payment. That's right, not only do we charge so little to begin with, we will refund you another $5 for a good article that you will provide to us for others to use. Keep in mind that there is a limit of one article per month per company.

You can view available articles in your administrator or you can submit one by going to the article submission page. Sharing is caring - we would like to think that we care... a lot!

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Maria S.
Maria S.

Hey guys, really love what you're offering here. It's hard to believe that in this day and age we can get such a great service for such a low price. Rock on, and keep the prices low!

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